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Near Misses and New Beginnings February 11, 2006

Posted by Lee A Haynes in Personal.

It’s been a week since I last posted. I thought it was going to take a day or two to get my head screwed back on straight. “Great”, I thought, “I have Monday and Tuesday off”. “Perfect time to do some writing and get back into the flow.” That is not how it worked out. I had rather last minute issues staffing the store and ended up spending several not very happy hours there on both Monday and Tuesday. Not what I had in mind for my “get back on track weekend”

It has felt like the funk that would not die. Work has been busy with customers, drama and tasks. Until this morning I had not done my daily journal entry since Tuesday. That’s the longest time I’ve missed since September. It has been a week of jagged edges and near misses.

Leaving the store Tuesday morning after dealing with my employee issue I was hoping to get some breakfast and enjoy the warm weather that descended on the bay area all week. I walked out the door to see my bus on the corner. I made a move for it but it was already rolling. But lo, it had to stop right in front of me because of something on the wires or something. So I try to get the driver to open the doors for me. He shrugs his shoulders and gives me the “can’t open the doors where there is no stop look” I’m not wearing my bag and I’ve beaten Muni between stops. I take off down the street as fast as I can. All of a sudden he starts honking his horn. I’m thinking, “He couldn’t have had a change of heart. Muni removes them when they hand out the brown jackets.” Sure enough though he is still in the same spot and appears to be pointing at the door. So I run back thinking he’s just going to take off on me. Turns out that this was my guardian angel bus driver. He wasn’t pointing at the door at all. He was pointing at my wallet which hadn’t made it back into my pocket when I took off down Union Street. I picked it up and he opened the door for me.

The night before I was coming off of the Cable Car at Powell and Bush and was almost hit right away by some guy speeding past us on the right. Although I’m not sure how lucky that was as a near miss. It was a late model Benz and they guy was dressed well. An asshole yes but loaded. Could have been some profitable bruises in the there.

Thursday it was my apartment key going missing. I still had my key ring. I had my store keys, my apartment building key, my mailroom key, and my mailbox key but my apartment key was totally MIA. I had changed case keys on my ring at the store and I think that’s where I lost it. It was very disheartening to come home and be denied at the door. Larry the manager to the rescue. He got me in and locked the door behind me in the morning. Even made me a key and didn’t bill me for it. I didn’t have to sleep with him either. Although he did bring it up.

I have been sleeping and eating erratically. My apartment is still a mess. But tomorrow is another day and another day off too. Near misses and even some good stuff in there. I found the silver lining to losing money in the stock market when I did my taxes on Thursday. I’m getting money back. And I was afraid I was going to owe. I turned my World of Warcraft account back on and have been having a good time with it without it taking over my life. I guess I needed that eleven month break from it. And I’m meeting Lys for a drink tomorrow. Full moon tomorrow. Start of something good I think.



1. Toni - February 13, 2006

I’m glad you can look at your experiences of living in the City with humor, though I’m sure it wasn’t what you were thinking at the time.

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