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The Rejuvenating Power of Sunday Breakfast February 12, 2006

Posted by Lee A Haynes in News and politics, Personal.

Breakfast out with coffee and The New Yorker can do wonders for breaking out of a rut. At least that’s how it feels right now. I’ve just returned from the restaurant that my apartment window looks out on. I’m feeling at ease for the first time in weeks. I just read Peter Hessler’s letter from China, “Hutong Karma, the many incarnations of a Beijing alleyway”. It is a nice account of living in a four hundred year old Beijing ally and the changes it has been through in the last thirty or so. Some seventy-five percent of the old city has been demolished for new development. The remaining neighborhoods are just now being “protected”. You can translate that into disneyfied. The architecture remains the same but the boutiques and cafe’s and trendy bars are coming in. I’m a sentimentalist and that makes me a little sad. Sentimentality has always taken a back seat to practically, as it rightly should, in this city of fifteen million.

My own city remains completely untouched by the ravages of practicality. Last night was the Chinese New Years Day parade. I did not go. I was close enough to hear the firecrackers from the parade start, and helicopters buzzed around the neighborhood all night. I had been turned off by the bickering of the pro-human rights/anti-Beijing lobby in the city, the intensely pro-Beijing Chinese Chamber of Commerce and of course the Falun Gong who were banned from the parade just like they were outlawed in China. Nasty stuff for an event that used to be my favorite in the city. I stayed home caught up with my blog and played World of Warcraft instead.

So what does breakfast have to do with China? Not much particularly. The point is that feeling like myself again. I’m writing about what is occupying my thoughts again. Today I’m not afraid of the blank page. Today the blank page is my friend again.



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