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Changes to the Weather February 15, 2006

Posted by Lee A Haynes in Creativity, Movies, Personal.

Bay Area weather is shifting. This last week an a half of great weather we’ve been having is moving through. I got caught yesterday without a jacket or sweater. By the time I headed home at 6:30 it was cool and windy. Not that I’m complaining. Complaining about more than a week of highs in the 70’s while the east coast gets hit by a blizzard is bad karma. The weather has been fantastic for my sunglass concession. Last week was one of the three best since we opened in July.

The rough part about living alone is the holidays. I know that is stating the obvious but my apartment never seems smaller than on those days.

I skipped writing yesterday. I neither posted here nor did my daily journal pages. Even today I had a hell of a time getting through them. I actively looked for ways to avoid writing. It was so bad I found myself hitting Blogger’s “Next Blog” in the middle of sentences. My attention span is nothing lately. Both Monday and Tuesday I started movies and just quit them halfway through. They were not bad movies. Just strange and the combination of WTF factor and my own lack of focus just led to me stopping right in the middle. These are the times that are made for TV. I’m so glad I don’t have cable right now. I know I would channel surf for hours when I get like this if I had cable available to me.

See. I didn’t even mention the names of the movies I didn’t finish. Where is my focus? Monday’s movie was truly one of the strangest ones I’ve ever seen. “The Happiness of the Katakuris” is really weird. Click the link, read the description, shake your head in disbelief. It did make me laugh out loud though. Several times. I don’t remember doing that all that much watching movies last year. Well except for old movies. Last night’s movie was “Happy Endings” I should have taken some notes. That might have saved that one for me. In the popular indy genre of “everybody sleeps with everybody else and sets up elaborate¬† layers of lies” this one may be king. Maybe tonight I’ll start over with my notebook open and some flow chart tools available.

So the question of the day is why do I avoid the page if writing almost always makes me feel better? “Three a day keeps the shrink away,” has long been my motto for daily journal pages. I’m calmer, clearer and happier when I write. So why will I do almost anything to avoid doing it?



1. Toni - February 15, 2006

Take a good walk. The kind where you can set some rhythm and not slow down to look at stuff. It always resets me. I have totally reduced the importance of holidays in my life.

2. lawry - July 2, 2006

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