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My Flickr is Updated February 21, 2006

Posted by Lee A Haynes in Creativity, Personal, Photography.

Well I upgraded my Flickr account and began uploading the pictures I took this weekend. 58 in all. Some came out better than others. I was playing around with the camera settings. It’s nice that all of the settings are stored with the pictures. You can even look it up on Flickr. I also played around with iPhoto. Some shots I made into black and white others I played with the color settings. They are not great but they are defiantly a start. I learned a great deal in just a couple of days and I’m actually pretty happy with some of the results. My two favorites are the ones I called “Looking up Market Street” and “Checking the Routes“.

I do need to keep a notebook with me though. If I am going to be taking pictures of buildings I need to get the addresses right. I’m not sure on a couple of buildings and that’s actually a little embarrassing since some of them are important San Francisco buildings. I’m going to enjoy walking around the City with a little more purpose.

And I’m going to be better about taking pictures of City events. So far this year I’ve missed the Pillow Fight on Valentine’s Day, the Chinese New Year’s Parade, the kick off to the Tour of America and that Rally that I tried to take pictures of but they all came out terrible. I will make a real effort to chronicle the City. I’m afraid that may be all you get on my Flickr but you will get more of it.



1. nicheplayer - February 22, 2006

You have some nice cityscapes there. They have a beauty all their own, don’t they?

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