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To iWeb Or Not To iWeb February 24, 2006

Posted by Lee A Haynes in Computers, Creativity, Personal.

Yes, I’m doing it again. I am contemplating moving Braver Newer World yet again. My new camera has got me taking another look at using iWeb to make pages on .Mac. Last night I started playing around with using my own pictures to enhance one of the iWeb templates. I was pretty happy with the results. The pages look clean and uncluttered but most importantly they look like mine. I flipped my way through next blog on WordPress last night. It is somewhat disconcerting how so many blogs that have such a wide range of topics and content all look alike. I like this template but you know so do an awful lot of other people. Sure iWeb has a very limited number of template’s but it is easy to fill all of the spaces with unique content.

The drawback will be losing the random drop in’s. It seems that Apple is committed to a very invitation only website. No random “next blog” kinda discoveries. Being that my invitation only audience would be limited to my mother, my ex-wife and my friend John, I’m risking writing only for them, which, no offense guys I really don’t want to.

But there are ways of getting my url out there even with Apple working against me. I think the trade off is worth it. iWeb is a program that doesn’t require a lot (read almost none) of technical knowledge to produce pages that look exactly like I want them to and to change them on the fly.

This transition may take a little while though. Once again I’m going to want to copy over all of the work I’ve done this year. That all has to be done in order as the blogging function of iWeb doesn’t allow you to insert entries out of order. Thus I have to do all of my back dated posts in order. This will allow me to add some pictures and maybe some other content to brighten things up a bit. Stay tuned. I will however continue to post here until my iWeb/.mac site is completely up to date.



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