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Stealing Souls February 21, 2006

Posted by Lee A Haynes in Creativity, Personal, Photography.

So I bought a new camera on Sunday. It’s a Kodak, a Z7590. I went down to CompUsa to look for a power supply for the PC I’m going to sell (if I ever get off my ass about it). This is the second time the power supply wont turn on after moving the computer so I figured I’d better change it out before selling it. Since CompUsa was about double the price of NewEgg I decided to skip that purchase. I had been thinking about a new camera ever since I took my old one out to a protest rally on Union Square and didn’t get a single usable image. Too dark, not enough settings to compensate.

I figure what the heck, I’m here, let’s check out the cameras in person. I hadn’t actually heard of this camera but was drawn to the $130 off sticker. With 6 megapixels common and 8 on their way I was hoping to get one of last year’s 5 megapixel camera’s cheep. At $230 this was way below what I was thinking about paying. I went upstairs to the Mac’s they keep connected to the internet. I checked out the camera. It is feature rich. It has a multitude of manual and automatic settings. The only thing I wanted that it didn’t have was image stabilization. Still with so many manual controls I figured I could compensate. The 10x optical zoom did it for me. I went back downstairs and parted with a little bit of my tax refund.

I’ve always liked the idea of taking pictures. I’ve tried and had very limited success. Part of the problem is that I am most interested in taking pictures of people. This would not be a problem if I didn’t subscribe to primitive the notion that taking a picture of somebody steals a little bit of their soul. There is a scene in a movie from last year called “Heights” that illustrated this perfectly. The main character is a photographer in New York. One night she is lining up a shot of a woman holding a child. The woman turns to her and asks why she doesn’t have a life of her own that she has to steal theirs. This is exactly how I’ve felt about taking pictures. This has led me to taking many pictures of the tops of buildings, coastlines and for a short unhappy time birds. These are not things I have an eye for. I have an eye for faces. I’ve just felt so intrusive taking pictures of people I don’t know. Whenever I take pictures of people I know they are so self conscious that it doesn’t seem to count.

Well a commitment to try to stretch myself and a 10x zoom lens is going to change some of that. Here is a preview. There are more coming (including the tops of buildings). I just need to figure out how I want to upload these larger images than I’m used to (5 megapixels remember) to flicker. I will update my flicker account tonight when I get home from work. For now I will leave you with these two souls I stole while they were trying to make sense of a muni map where California ends at Market Street.




1. Toni - February 21, 2006

Stealing souls sounds so ominous. I believe this expression begin with indigious people, like the American Indians. It’s a great picture. I look forward to more.

2. presswood - July 1, 2006

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