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Arrg! I’m Doing It Again! January 25, 2006

Posted by Lee A Haynes in Computers, Creativity.

Can’t seem to let things go with the whole which blog to use debate. I’m starting to lean back toward the .mac solution. I feel like I’ve got 10 days to make up my mind. That’s how long I’ve got left on my free membership. I got ahold of a copy of iWeb and I still can’t tell if it’s the perfect thing for me. Is it simple enough that I will just worry about content rather than the technical side of learning web page development? Or will I find that I’m going to outgrow it just when I’ve started to invest real time into it? I’m going to keep posting here until I can make up my mind and maybe get some content done on it first.

Speaking of providing content. My weekend is just about over. I’m back to the store tomorrow. I can’t believe I just had two days off and didn’t actually post anything. It hung over me the whole time too. I had that whole “school project is due after three weeks and I haven’t cracked a book” feeling these last two days.

What I have been doing is screwing around with my computer. I copied all my New Yorker DVDs onto one of my hard drives so I can just virtual disk them and keep the DVDs fresh. That was part of a whole morning of re-doing my folders on my hard drives. That and I’m trying out still another web browser. Camino seems very fast and very stable. I like my Firefox but lately it has been unstable. More than that. It has been crashing all the time on the site I’ve been spending most of my internet time on: digg.com. I miss some of my extensions but less so since I installed Tiger and most of their functionality is just F12 away.

I’ve started gaming on my mac too. After a bit of a backlash from when I quit selling video games for a living I’m back to enjoying them. Mac has my favorite series: Age of Empires except for the new one. I have Age III for my PC and I like it a lot but it’s not enough to make me want to keep my PC. I’ve been playing Warcraft III and it is a lot of fun. An RTS with a story, cool. I’ve never played it before but I did give up a couple of months of my life to World of Warcraft. Now I’m starting to get the story background. I may even turn my account back on after I’m done with Frozen Throne. (Yea, I’ll have time to blog then, sure I will.)

So tonight I took a break from all the review and tips and tricks on the internet. I took a break from renaming files and cleaning out what I don’t use but trying to keep space for what I might use. I took a break from weighing the integration of the Apple products and the automation of them working together with the fact that Apple wants a hundred bucks from me for stuff that I can piece together cheaper. What stupid things to worry about. Very silly.



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