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First Post on WordPress January 15, 2006

Posted by Lee A Haynes in Computers, Creativity, Personal.

So I guess this is hello to wordpress.com. My attempt to get all of my tools, machines, plans and devices in order before the new year started came up short. But that’s ok. I have spent almost all of my free time, energy and cash on these very things the past couple of weeks. I made quite a bit of progress, found some cool things, and learned a lot.

The most important event was the completion of my conversion to Apple. On January 7th I bought a Mac Mini on clearance at Comp USA and haven’t turned back since. This switch to WordPress from Blogger came out of investigating wether or not I wanted to continue past my trial period on .mac now that iWeb has come out as part of the iLife suite. Today I took a walk down to the Apple Store to check it out and the answer was no. Not worth the $200 Apple Tax.

But all of these are other stories. Stories I’m going to cheat and fill in the blanks to tell. I’m going to turn on a time machine so I can get my homework in on time. What I’m saying is that all of the previous posts were either written after this one or are copied from the previous incarnation of this blog on blogger.

Brand new day. Brand new year. Braver Newer World.



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