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You Have to Worry About Everybody and Everything’s Feelings January 8, 2006

Posted by Lee A Haynes in Computers, Personal.

Yesterday I bought my first desktop Mac. A Mac Mini 1.47 GHz with a G4 and an 80GB drive. I changed out the memory chip with the 1GB board in my PC. I had to use Apple’s official Mac mini Upgrade Tool Kit to get into the box. Aka: a putty knife I bought at Cole Hardware on 4th. I wouldn’t call popping the case easy, but is wasn’t hard either. The chip changed out very easy thanks o the fact that I did not have the airport or bluethooth installed.

No, the mac mini upgrade went great. Trouble, I found much later, when I tried to turn my PC back on. No power. Nothing. No fans a turning, no lights a flashing. Nothing would spin, drives, fans whatever. You think that “things” don’t have feelings too? Well my PC sure does. It was straight out jealous. I had taken out its biggest memory chip and replaced it with one a quarter of its size—and one out of an Apple to boot. Then I took away the flat screen monitor and the mouse and keyboard. After years of being the only child in the house it was getting the cold shoulder.

I firmly believe that it wasn’t broken, just green with envy. After freaking out a bit and calling my mom to see how her mac was runnig. I took it into the bathroom for a fresh plug. I followed the suggestions I found on a PC World forum. I unplugged everything and tried to start it up with as few things plugged in as possible. Starting with the motherboard all by its lonesome, it finally turned over again. Piece by piece I started plugging boards and drives back it. It was back. I just needed to move it back to my computer desk.

But my PC wasn’t done. It must have heard me going off on how cool my mini was. Especially the fact that it only weighs like 3 pounds. While moving the 40 pound PC case back to my desk I dropped it on my big toe. It was a glancing blow so it didn’t actually break the toe itself. It did break the skin and it hurt like hell all night long. That damn machine heard me making that crack about its weight..

I’m going to have to really think about my need to keep this thing. Right now all I really want to use it for is burning CD’s, file service, and games that I’m really not playing. I wonder how much I can get for it with that monitor. I could totally trick out my Mini for just a few hundred more dollars. All the programs I’d lose I don’t really use anyhow. I’ll start looking at Craig’s list and see. In the meantime it is still the only way for me to copy DVD’s. That and it’s really not close to getting obsolete. and who knows maybe once I start working I will notice the speed difference. the good thing is that I’m pretty sure I could sell the Mini for a profit right now. Not that I’d want to. So far I’m loving this machine.



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