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Evil Empire January 4, 2006

Posted by Lee A Haynes in Computers, News and politics.

It’s a popular way to describe Microsoft. I myself have never used it before. The news on the wires right now have changed my tune. Microsoft has taken down a Chinese language blog that was critical of the Chinese government. This blog was not not a .cn site it was a .com. It is being censored not only in China but throughout the rest of the world. Here are some good links on this. Microsoft takes down Chinese Blogger. A take on the story from Microsoft Employee Robert Scoble. And the Metafilter’s comments section on this story. You know my brain gets it. They are in it for the money. Sometimes I just want to believe in a company a little bit. Sometimes I want to think that they are designing products to make the world a better more just place. Sure that’s naive but why shouldn’t there be a little romance in business.

As I have been looking into more and more things Apple I have re-discovered some of that romance. Apple has true fans. Microsoft has apologists. Another reason that I don’t feel like firing up my PC in favor of my old iBook is this:

There is another security hole in Windows. It has to do hiding code in a WMF. It be set off by simply looking at the wrong picture on the internet. Microsoft has a patch. But since they have a new policy of only issuing patches once a month they are saying that everyone will simply have to wait until next Tuesday on patch day. Until then they are testing. Security companies are suggesting the normally unthinkable: using an outside patch since Microsoft doesn’t feel like doing it’s job and doing something about this broken product they sold us.

Anyway I’m not turning my PC on until next week. In the meantime I’m looking at getting a desktop Mac. I bought an old G3 for my mom off of ebay for $125 and had it shipped here so I could load it up with new software and tweak the settings for her. It was actually pretty cool. That doesn’t seem quite enough to totally replace my PC. (I can hardly believe that I’m talking about replacing this computer that I have babied for these past couple of years…All that money all that time) I am also looking at the Mac Mini. Believe it or not this crap has been keeping me up at night as I read whatever I can about potential upgrades.



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